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tales from the baggage train
Britt's musings
This comes from the fearless leader himself
"Steampunk World's Fair rooms have now opened up at the Embassy Suites of Piscataway. We have the whole hotel conference space this time, and it will be the home of many of our bigger and/or most-popular shows. The rooms are also pretty awesome. No weblink yet, but you can reserve at 732-980-0500. : )"
The Embassy is a gorgeous place! I saw pictures of it from two years ago as it was teh back up hotel to the First SPWF and just seeing the amazing atrium I was hella jealous. They even got free Breakfasts and drinks at the manager's reception. So now we have two choices though I do think most of the stuff is still at the Radisson but it's only a parking lot away from the Embassy.
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these past two weeks have been horrendous. G (who I've told you about a few times. The one in and out of the hospital) was back in. I do not know what for but this time she was on life support.

Well, they left her out of the hospital so she could be at home with hospice, basically waiting to die. Now you know I have no respect for her children. Well neither does my mother who told them straight to their faces what she t,hought of them so they have forbid my mother in having contact with G. SHe got P's, G's husband's approval to visit finally and when the girls' found out I can only imagine they threw a rod and P (who can never stand up to his step daughters) called back and apologized to my mohter that she in fact can not come over.

Now they have been best friends for almost 30 yrs and my mom is devestated. She at first thought that G did not want to see her because before this all happened she tried to help with an intervention (sort of) for G to help her with a prescription drug habit but to be denied by her own children now she is questioning if other friend's kid's can do this, too. Now we do have an ally in the form of her only son, B, within the family and he has been giving us updates on her status. But you hurt my mom and make her cry I KEEL YOU.

This woman stood by my mom through my Father's death and through my near miss and to be denied to be together during what might be her last moments of life just is not right. My mom has already decided not to go to the funeral as she is not sure she can not make a scene in such a somber time, and I don't blame her. Everyone who knows me knows I am not a violent person at all, but I have a deep hatred for these girls and would physically hit them just to gain the brief satisfaction that it would surely give me.

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One of the three people who kept a vigil by my bedside was one of my mom's best friends, Gerri. Now in Oct of last year she had a stroke. After about a month in Lehigh Valley Hospital (LVH) and Good Shepard, she was well on her way to a speedy recovery. She was home and everything enjoying her recouping. That is until she was left alone after being at the shore house where she fell a few times there. Her kids, which I admitted to not really liking, thought she was ok to be in bed by herself. So she broke her hip. So back to LVH. Now she is having this weird thrashing thing that makes LVH put her in a bed that is 6 inches above the ground so she doesn't fall out of it. Upon release of LVH she is told not to put any weight on her legs for four months so no physical therapy. Then she went home. This lasted two weeks until she started having blinding headaches. Back to LVH where they discovered she was having brain hemorrhages. She was in ICU for about two weeks (IN a 6 inch tall bed) then moved to a regular room with a regular bed. Said bed didn't even have rails. They just put a chair there so she wouldn't roll. WTF what is a chair supposed to prevent? Well 2 days ago they sat her up, put her legs over the side, brought over her tray to have lunch and left. Well, she accidentally pushed the tray and tried to reach it only to fall head first onto the ground. 6 stitches later the family and she signed herself out of the hospital.
Now I had great attention at LVH and at Good Shepard and can not stop complimenting them but this was just one bad luck experience after the other.
But the good news is that my mom's other best friend has had no new growth for about a month

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The saga of LVH (or the hospital I was in for a coma and a few strokes)

Well, it seems that after two weeks out of the hospital for the broken hip (a few months after the stroke she had after mine) Gerri is back in with bleeding on the brain. At least she is out of ICU now.
And if that is not enough now another friend was airlifted to the same hospital because she was throwing up blood from a prior surgery. She was home for two hours. Her hemoglobin count is up right now and seems stable. But she continues to be on a breathing tube which they are hoping to remove soon. Not being able to talk has really upset her. She is stubborn (a good quality in my book) and has tried to rip it out a few times (I tried the same thing) so they had to restrain her (I had to wear velcroed mittens but learned how to pull those off with my teeth)
So you can guess where I'll be the next few days. And I vowed to NEVER go back to the hospital (except for the various doctor appointments. But no rest for the wicked. AAARRRGH! I hate this.

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10 more days til Steampunk World's Fair! I have been waiting on pins and needles since I got my reservations in ruttin December!!!! I don't think anyone has been this excited ever to go to Jersey. OMG SQEE!!!

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My second foray into Victorian dressing

Now I have always been slightly obsessed with bustles. THe bigger the better. But making my first huge bustle has made me realize something I thought I would pass along to anyone else who is ever contemplating making one.
There is a fine line between the bustle look and the huge ass look. If you end up getting the HA look add more. I am so happy with mine I have major badunkadunk. If you see me on Saturday May 15th at the SPWF be sure to grab it. No really, I won't mind. I am so proud of my lady hump.

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I am alone. Everyone is at Wicked Faire and I am here not having high tea avec my fiends. I am stuck here in Bumblefuck listening to Dr. Horrible and after that a little Abney Park. I know I made my choice by going to The Steampunk world's Fair but standing here alone I am second guessing my decision. It is just such a long time away from now. I have to to remember that SPWF sounds so much cooler and it is a first for this coast and I like to be a part of anything new. I know that finances do not allow me to do both (being crippled and on the Gov't dime really sucks) OK now I have a little bit of Sweeney Todd nothing like a brutal murder or 12 makes a woman feel better. OK I'll stop bitching now.

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I get to spend the weekend in Hershey but not the fun Hershey but in the hospital as Patty, a dear friend, is undergoing kidney removal right now, and maybe part of the liver (as it has to come out eventually) Now I actually enjoy going to the hospital as long as I don't stay there and they don't ever poke me. Now a while back I was in Hershey taking in the Xmas lights and it was fantastic!!! They had the park open with some rides. We took the skyline and watched the light show from many feet above the park. It was BEAUTIFUL. It was one of those days that made me think that I could have missed this if things went the other way while I was sick. I start thinking about that a lot. Every time the snow falls I think of the beauty and how maybe I would have missed this if (well just if), every time teh sun shines, Every time I get to be with friends, and ever time I just laugh. People, I am ever so thankful for my life

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