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Ok where did everyone go? - tales from the baggage train
Britt's musings
Ok where did everyone go?
I am alone. Everyone is at Wicked Faire and I am here not having high tea avec my fiends. I am stuck here in Bumblefuck listening to Dr. Horrible and after that a little Abney Park. I know I made my choice by going to The Steampunk world's Fair but standing here alone I am second guessing my decision. It is just such a long time away from now. I have to to remember that SPWF sounds so much cooler and it is a first for this coast and I like to be a part of anything new. I know that finances do not allow me to do both (being crippled and on the Gov't dime really sucks) OK now I have a little bit of Sweeney Todd nothing like a brutal murder or 12 makes a woman feel better. OK I'll stop bitching now.

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arcadian72 From: arcadian72 Date: February 20th, 2010 01:18 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm here too - I'm not going to Wicked Faire - I have too much sewing to do! ;)
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