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tales from the baggage train
Britt's musings
Say Good bye to my worst decade of my LIFE!!! I had a coma, a couple of strokes, saw the end of countless relationships whether it be of romantic nature or friendship wise, lost my driver's license and my sight, spent two months in the hospital, lost my car and gained 2 dress sizes!!! Now I am ready for this decade to be OVER

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OK now on top of Gerry being moved from intensive care to a private room and not knowing whether she is going to go to Good Shepperd now Mum's other BF is in the hospital in Sate College where she might be having a kidney removed (I know she has another one but they do not know if it is in good condition) and is having a biopsy done on the remaining kidney and also the liver because of spots on it. They think it might be cancer. We have to wait until the end of the week for results (she went in there on Tuesday) but the good news is the hospital where she is at right now is transferring her to Lehigh Vally Hospital where they are better equipped to handle such things so now I have two friends, Gerry and Patty Ann, both in LVH. Please prey if you believe in such things. Trying to cover all of the Gods all at once since I am Agnostic I like to cover all of my bases.

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A friend of mine just had a stroke a week ago and lost movement on her left side (sound familiar) this woman was constantly in my hospital room by my side and she has a chance to go to rehab at the same place I went to. Now she wants to go there but her adult kids want her to come home. Why do some people think they know how to do everything? These people at Good Shepherd are professionals so why do they think or assume they can do the same thing that professionals who went to college for the same thing do! I mean I wouldn't now the first thing about trying to reteach someone how to walk and I have even lived through it. NNOw how do I get adults to listen that maybe Mom's bast place to be is not at home. SO if you are praying types please pray for Gerry and maybe for her kids to see the light

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HAd my first Steampunk outing this weekend and it went splendidly. Everyone knew what we were trying to attempt and it was at the PA renn Faire where they do not even know actual history but thought I would share a photo of me and my outfit taken in my house. The ootfit was originally made for a historic Victorian event but made some minor alterations.

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I am thinking about stepping down as ships medic as of today since I cut my finger slicing a sandwich in half. Held the knife up side down which could be a problem in surgeries and may also reconsider using human for experiments into vivisection. Times are every trying and not at all easy sailing. I can't even cut a samich anymore.
But non the upside of things Everyone who is reading this is invited to the Pa Renn Faire for a Steampunk get together on Oct 10th at 11 AM
Dr. Magdalena Pleasance Liddell
Still needs a name for the ship

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They do sometimes amaze me but finding the earliest footprints of a hominid? Now he is just showing off LOL. No really, i have been friends with Jim for over 20 years and he still amazes me. I sat up one night as he told me a story about trying to teach a translator how to sing Hello Dolly so they can sing it to the Dahli Llahma when they meet him the next day but this just takes the cake even by Jim Brett's standards

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Having associated aether travel with isolation I have recently acquired a K-9 unit now am just looking for a spiffy name to call him besides just his robotic description of K-9

Thank you for your attention,
Dr. Magdalena Pleasance Liddell
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I took a walk around my old Elementary school today and found the old man hole cover that used to be my own private Tardis. But of course I had to stand on it again. IT brought back a flood of memories of standing on it in the middle of the playground and it transporting me to foreign planets. I guess once a geek always a geek. I must have been a sight a little brown hair pig-tailed girl standing on a man hole cover while the other kids played on swing sets and the jungle gym and of course the dreaded slide (i have a terrible fear of what I perceive as unstable heights)

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I need to start sewing to make adjustments to my hobble skirt with tiered bustle As you can see I have gone full steam (sorry for the bad pun there) with the steampunk thing. It just boils down to the fact that I seemed to be burned out doing the SCA and the fahnlein but seem to still crave getting dressed up weird and what is weirder than doing something totally made up. It is hard enough to try to explain it to other people. But here she is Dr. Magdalena Pleasance Liddell, the vivisecting biologist, and I am loving it! This is the first time in decades (OK in a decade) I have been this excited about starting something new!!!

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I am still getting better everyday but no the eye sight thing will never change but am becoming to accept it so all in all very good. Got back form the Dr. 's today and it seems I have another problem to deal with (YIPPEE) I have been having this weird pain in my left side. We thought it might be my heart. Well it turns out to be the start of Diverticulitis (sp?) Scary sounding, isn't it? At this point in the game it just means for me to change my diet to increase my fiber Alot better than more heart problems YEAH so I am feeling very good about me and am now pooping regularly LOL

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