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ongoing storry of G and you hurt my mom and I KEEL YOU - tales from the baggage train
Britt's musings
ongoing storry of G and you hurt my mom and I KEEL YOU
these past two weeks have been horrendous. G (who I've told you about a few times. The one in and out of the hospital) was back in. I do not know what for but this time she was on life support.

Well, they left her out of the hospital so she could be at home with hospice, basically waiting to die. Now you know I have no respect for her children. Well neither does my mother who told them straight to their faces what she t,hought of them so they have forbid my mother in having contact with G. SHe got P's, G's husband's approval to visit finally and when the girls' found out I can only imagine they threw a rod and P (who can never stand up to his step daughters) called back and apologized to my mohter that she in fact can not come over.

Now they have been best friends for almost 30 yrs and my mom is devestated. She at first thought that G did not want to see her because before this all happened she tried to help with an intervention (sort of) for G to help her with a prescription drug habit but to be denied by her own children now she is questioning if other friend's kid's can do this, too. Now we do have an ally in the form of her only son, B, within the family and he has been giving us updates on her status. But you hurt my mom and make her cry I KEEL YOU.

This woman stood by my mom through my Father's death and through my near miss and to be denied to be together during what might be her last moments of life just is not right. My mom has already decided not to go to the funeral as she is not sure she can not make a scene in such a somber time, and I don't blame her. Everyone who knows me knows I am not a violent person at all, but I have a deep hatred for these girls and would physically hit them just to gain the brief satisfaction that it would surely give me.

Current Mood: pissed off pissed off

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bantiarna From: bantiarna Date: July 14th, 2010 05:58 pm (UTC) (Link)
I very strongly believe in what goes around comes around.

These girls will get theirs for denying their mother access to her friend in her time of need with their selfishness. . .

I am so sorry for yalls loss.
kass_rants From: kass_rants Date: July 14th, 2010 06:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
stab stabbity McStab!

I feel for you, sweetie. My thoughts are with G.
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